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Upcoming Events for Honey.Moon.Tree
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The Idle Tyrant, Rowe and Honey.Moon.Tree

High Dive in Fremont

513 N 36th Ave, Seattle, WA 98103 ph 206-632-0212
Wednesday Nov 12 at 8 pm. 21+
$6 at the door

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honey.moon.tree CD is here

The CD and a poster are now released and can be purchased online through our Store. Click on the Store tab above.

Early Reviews for Honey.Moon.Tree
Aslan is incredible!
What a hard work of spirit, what a soul, what a talent!
It's a big candlelight in the dark on this planet.
Thank you so much for sharing his music with me.
It's absolutely beautiful and very thought provoking.|
Please thank Aslan for being himself and being such a gift to the planet!

Overton Berry

Poster (Black on white background)

honey.moon.tree CD release poster 2014